Christmas Thyme


Christmas Thyme Raffle

Many thanks to everyone who bought tickets and contributed prizes for our Raffle which was drawn on Friday 22nd December 2017. Congratulations to those who won prizes!

Adding this to the funds raised over the year from our collection tin on the bar we managed to raise over £675 which was donated to The Children’s Trust;

 working with children and their families to provide care for those who have a brain injury, in the specialist centre in Tadworth, Surrey and also across the country.

Registered charity no: 288018 


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Our Christmas Thyme Appeal was originally set up to collect money to allow us to buy Christmas presents for the Children's Ward at St. Peter's Hospital.  
Through a number of events such as a charity row, a Christmas Pantomime and also our collection tin on the bar the Tavern regulars and friends have raised over £12,000.00.

We managed to provide a big ‘Playhouse’ just outside the ward at St Peter's and in previous years we have supplied them with a number of ipads as well as toys and games and the ward have always been very appreciative of our efforts.

"On behalf of the Trust, I would like to thank you all for your support throughout the years. Thanks to your hard work, patients on Oak & Ash Wards have been able to enjoy a variety of activities while staying in hospital. The ipads are so popular with the older children, while the younger ones spend hours playing in the playroom. The Chill Out House in the Paediatric garden provides a shelter for the adolescents and some quiet time away from the buzz of the ward.

The children really benefit from these activities. It is difficult to imagine how we could  have done this without your support and kindness"

Aileen McLeisch - Chairman, St Peter's Hospital

 Since then we have continued to raise money for other local causes, in 2016 we presented the Chertsey Scouts with a cheque for £2500.00 towards their new scout HQ.
We held a raffle at Christmas and along with additional donations on the night we raised an additional £180.00 towards the Charity.
In 2016 we were nominated by the Runnymede Volunteer awards for the business contribution to the community award.
Ask inside for further details or call 01932 429 667.